Benefits of Implementing Glogster into your Curriculum


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Course Introduction

This mini-course will teach educators the meaningfulness of visual aids and hands-on education to facilitate discussions and learning and will offer educators a new resource to use inside and outside of the classroom. Glogster has been a way for teachers to communicate to students and parents alike. Teachers can make interactive poster boards using Glogster to keep for homework help, and news & notes for parents to stay in touch with their child’s learning, plus countless other projects. Unlike a regular poster board that only allows you to write text and paste pictures onto it, Glogster can include audio and video too! This site can do away with lugging a big project into school. With this interactive poster board, the presenter can be as creative as they would like to. You can pull videos from YouTube or your own personal videos for added creativity.

Since teachers and students from around the world have used Glogster to present information on various topics, they can choose to make their Glogs public and can be viewed from just the click of a mouse. With this wide range of knowledge at one's fingertips, there is no limit to what we can learn from others.

In order to get start you must first email me with the subject "Glogster ETAP 623" to get a username and password. (please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this section) Email:

Getting Started


  • Access to a computer with a consistent, non-limited, access to the Internet
  • Ability to search for images and videos on the Internet
  • Ability to save images from the Internet
  • Ability to locate files and access saved content
  • Ability to use a word processing software such as Microsoft Word

Materials Needed:

  • A computer with Internet access
  • A computer with the Adobe Flash installed

Disclaimer: Glogster is no longer a free site. There is the option to try a 7 day free trial of your own. For the purposes of this mini-course, I have acquired an account for those who are interested.


Unit 1 - Learning about Learning Styles

Unit 2 - How can Glogster Help in my Classroom?

Unit 3 - How do I Make a Glog?