Unit 3 - How do I Make a Glog?


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Making Your Own Glog

You will soon discover how to use Glogster effectively in your own classroom. Now that you have learned how different learning styles effect your students' education and what ways Glogster can be used, it is time to start creating. I have made a PDF file with 15 steps which include how to log in, how to create text, pictures, and video. I have made the steps easy to follow with pictures of what you should be looking at. Please keep the PDF while you log onto Glogster. In the file I have given you a password to work from.

Important Please email me first before logging into Glogster. I have a few accounts available but two people cannot be logged into the same account or the other will be kicked off.

My email is bjvaughan@albany.edu

Please download this PDF that I have made for you. Follow each direction step by step and you will have completed a Glog! File:1 GLOG DIRECTIONS.pdf

Go to [Glogster Homepage] and let's get started!