Unit 2 - How can Glogster Help in my Classroom?




  • Learners will understand the different uses of Glogster in their own classroom
  • Learners will learn the implications of technology in their classroom


Glogster is not used in many classes because maybe the lack of knowledge surround them or it may be too much to manage. Either way this course is here for educators to see the wide variety of uses this technology can have in your students' lives. Please view this video and see the implications of technology in your own classroom [Why is technology important in education?]

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What Types of Glogs Are There?

To inform the educator about how Glogster can be used, I found this wonderful site that gives great ideas of how to use this technology for almost anything. Please view the link and explore some useful ways others have make Glogster work for them.

[40+ Ways to Use this Resource]


On the same "Discussion" page, copy and paste these following questions and respond.

  • Why is technology important in the classroom?
  • What type of Glogs did you like and why?