WikiInfoLit Unit 4 - Neutrality and Wikipedia


Goals For This Unit

In this unit, you will come to understand the concept of neutrality, particularly as it pertains to Wikipedia's Neutral Point Of View (NPOV) policy. You will examine Wikipedia's successes and failures in maintaining a neutral point of view, and identify instances where particular Wikipedia pages have failed to present a neutral point of view about their topic.

Introduction to Neutrality and Wikipedia


Certain kinds of information sources, notably the news media and reference sources (like Wikipedia) are expected to be neutral. In fact, one of Wikipedia's most important policies is about the Neutral Point of View. Neutrality can be summed up as the motto of Fox News: "fair and balanced," which leads us to the inescapable fact that neutrality is often compromised, accidentally or for a persuasive or deceitful purpose.

Watch this clip from the Wikimedia Foundation, "Verifiability and the Neutral Point of View".

Questions For Reflection

You do not need to post your answers to questions for reflection. However, for your own benefit, I recommend that you write it out as if you were communicating your ideas to someone else. If you do want to post your answers, post them to the WikiInfoLit Google Group under Unit 4, General Discussion

  1. Does Wikipedia's Neutral Point of View policy make you feel that Wikipedia is more or less trustworthy as an information source? Why?

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