Using iPads In The Classroom


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This course is an introduction to the basic functions of an iPad. Students learn the importance of technology use and how it can open you to new opportunities. Bringing this opportunity to the classroom can be beneficial. Students will explore iPad use in the classroom and how they can be used to further education. Although many critics are quick to point out the alleged negative aspects of the use of iPad's and other technology, in today's K-12 classrooms the pros greatly outweigh the cons. It is plain to see that the iPad has changed education for the better. A sixth grade teacher has his students use their iPads to record him as he announces what the homework assignment is for the day. Homework assignments are also uploaded onto their iCalender application. The students are immediately engaged and more interested in carrying out their assignment, since it involves one of the world's most engaging tablets.

Let's Begin! There are three units of instruction...

Unit One:What is an iPad and how is it useful?

Learners will be able to:

  • Identify basic functions of an iPad and determine how it can be used
  • State the meaning and benefits of an iPad
  • Determine how an iPad could be useful

Unit Two:What activities and programs work best in the classroom?

Learners will be able to

  • State the benefits of an iPad by discovering programs to use in the classroom
  • Determine different was to use iPad's in the classroom
  • Identify a variety of apps that can be used
  • Examine a way a content specific app could be used in their classroom

Unit Three: How will you use iPad's in the classroom?

Learners will create their own lesson that will bring iPad's into the classroom

  • Apply iPad use into the classroom
  • Develop an interdisciplinary lesson with iPad use
  • Create a lesson with iPad's in their subject area