Unit Two: How Can Edmodo Flip the Classroom


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  • Given a PowerPoint presentation, learners will be able to identify main features of the Edmodo environment, take notes, and compose a paragraph stating how these features are applicable in their classroom.
  • Given an instructional video, learners will be able to build a unit on Edmodo by creating a folder including an assignment, video or web link, and uploaded direction sheet.
  • Given a video, Flipping Your Classroom with Edmodo, learners will be able generate a list of three ways Edmodo facilitates flipping.


  • View the PowerPoint presentation in the Unit Two folder. This presentation will guide you through all of the main features of the Edmodo environment. Take notes while you view the PowerPoint. When you have completed the presentation write a paragraph describing how you would you these features in your classroom. How are they applicable to your subject area and grade level? Save your paragraph in as a .doc or .rtf and upload to Unit Two: Applications of Edmodo in the Classroom.
  • View the instructional video on how to create a folder on Edmodo. Folders are available for students use in their Edmodo “Backpack.” Think of the folder as a box where you would place each component of the lesson plan material in. Once you have completed viewing the video, create your unit folder. Give it a unique title. Then upload an assignment, video or weblink, and a direction sheet for your students.
  • View the video “Flipping Your Classroom with Edmodo.” List three ways Edmodo facilitates flipping. Post your response to Unit Two: Edmodo and Flipped Learning.

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