Unit One: What is Flipped Learning


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  • Given an article about Flipped Learning, learners will be able to describe and identify the definition of flipped learning and the four pillars of flipped learning by reading and composing a synthesis response that is one paragraph in length.
  • Given a video about setting up a Flipped classroom, learners will be able to view the video, take notes, and generate a list of five additional ways teachers can flip the classroom.


  • In the Unit One Folder, read the article: Definition of Flipped Learning. Then, write a one-paragraph synthesis response where you discuss the pillars of flipped learning, how you are already using flipped learning, and what you can do to incorporate all four pillars of flipped learning moving forward. Write your paragraph in a Microsoft Word document saved as .doc or .rtf and upload it to the Unit One Synthesis Response post.
  • In the Unit One Folder, view the video: I Flip, You Flip, We All Flip. Take notes on your own. Then respond to the assignment post Unit One Ways We Can Flip the Classroom. Comment and build on at least one other post.

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