Unit Two: Applying the Curriculum-Driven Approaches to Media Literacy in an ELA Classroom

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Welcome to Unit Two of Integrating Media Literacy Skills in a Secondary ELA Classroom!

Unit Objective: Participants will apply learned knowledge of media literacy skills and concepts to create a lesson plan that builds on students’ media literacy skills in a 7-12 ELA classroom.

Before you start lesson one of this unit, complete the following pre-assessment.


  1. Create a Google Doc in our mini-course folder.Media Literacy Mini-Course 2017
  2. Please label your Google Doc and all other files with your full name and assignment. (i.e. Stephanie Aquino Unit Two Pre-Assessment). Please use double space, 12 pt Times New Roman font and 1" margins. Please remove all extra space between paragraphs.
  3. Respond to the following pre-assessment questions in your Google Doc:
  • What is the purpose of media literacy education?
  • Read the following Six Core Principles of Media Literacy Education and answer the following question: Which of the six core principles of Media Literacy Education do you find the most important? Why?

The Core Principles of Media Literacy Education

  • Media Literacy Education requires active inquiry and critical thinking about the messages we receive and create.
  • Media Literacy Education expands the concept of literacy to include all forms of media (i.e., reading and writing).
  • Media Literacy Education builds and reinforces skills for learners of all ages. Like print literacy, those skills necessitate integrated, interactive, and repeated practice.
  • Media Literacy Education develops informed, reflective and engaged participants essential for a democratic society.
  • Media Literacy Education recognizes that media are a part of culture and function as agents of socialization.
  • Media Literacy Education affirms that people use their individual skills, beliefs and experiences to construct their own meanings from media messages.

Let's proceed to our first lesson:Lesson Four: Analyzing and Critiquing Media Documents using the NAMLE Key Questions


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Lessons in this unit:

  1. Lesson Four: Analyzing and Critiquing Media Documents using the NAMLE Key Questions
  2. Lesson Five: Creating Curriculum using Media Literacy Concepts