Unit Three: Connect and Discuss Gamification Strategies

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Learning Objectives

At the end of unit three, participants will analyze learning gaming strategies and connect their professional experience with school-wide learning goals in their practice. This unit is an opportunity for participants to critically review an example of a gamified activity while focusing on five elements for successful gamification.

By the end of this unit, participants will be able to begin the process of creating their gamified lesson or activity while including elements discussed in this mini-course.


We are now in our third unit and preparing to apply all the elements discussed so far so that you can begin creating your first gamified activity or lesson. Before we begin the learning activity, here is a short video that captures important elements necessary to create a successful gamified lesson or even classroom. It may be overwhelming at first but as always encouraged whenever starting something new, start small and then continue to build upon each component.

In this video, you will see five important elements that are present in a gamified classroom. Each element has value in student learning development as well as a reinforcement of learning purpose in our classrooms. As you watch the short video, think about how these elements can be applied in your classroom. In the discussion board, focus on what areas these elements would support your students as well as the content area you teach. Follow the guided questions and post your responses before moving on to the learning activity.

Discussion Questions:

  • In looking at the five elements presented in the video, how are these elements applicable outside of the classroom and in your opinion, how do they aid our students to better success?
  • All five elements bring balance to the learning process. Do you think one element outweighs another in value and in relation to student learning? Explain your thoughts.

Learning Activities

For this units learning activity, using what you have learned about gamification, how it is implemented and what elements are necessary for successful learning in a gamified lesson, you will critically analyze a sample activity that uses elements of gamification. Follow the guidelines so that there is clear reflection on the process in preparation for your own creation of an activity.

The Quizlet Challenge

Quizlet Challenge .png

What is a Quizlet Mini-Challenge?

A Quizlet Challenge is a gamified opportunity where students earn badges/coins as they complete gradual stages from using the features found in a quizlet. The goal is for students to study their quizlet but in a manner where they are building their knowledge of the topic using the gamification strategy. An important feature of this challenge is that it is an independent activity where students are self-motivated and self monitor their progress as they move through each stage of the challenge.

Look at the Quizlet Mini Challenge assignment and analyze if this activity encompasses the five elements of gamification and what areas do you think could be improved.

  1. -What components of this challenge is engaging?
  2. -What elements of this activity encourages student ownership?
  3. -What areas of this activity promote active feedback?

Review this critically as if you were making changes to improve this assignment. This activity will help the last step of this mini-course which is creating your own gamified activity.

File:Cap 3- MINI-Quizlet Challenge.pdf

Post your critical review on the discussion board. Respond to two of your classmates.


As we end this unit, you now have successfully analyzed and discussed what gamification is and what are the important elements should be included when designing a gamified lesson or activity. Using this information, we move into the next last unit where you will be creating a lesson or activity using elements of gamification learning strategies. We have discussed the benefits and we have analyzed how an activity can be more engaging as well as meaningful in student learning. Continue to look at your own activities and lessons with a gamification lens and begin to transform your class with more gamification elements.

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