Unit One: Understanding the Importance of Building Students' Media Literacy Skills


Welcome to Unit One of Integrating Media Literacy Skills in a Secondary ELA Classroom!

Unit Objective: Participants will understand the importance of building students' media literacy skills and become familiar with curriculum-driven approaches to Media Literacy in a 7-12 ELA classroom.

Before you start lesson one of this unit, complete the following pre-assessment.


  1. Create a Google Doc in our mini-course folder.Media Literacy Mini-Course 2017
  2. Please label your Google Doc and all other files with your full name and assignment. (i.e. Stephanie Aquino Pre-Assessment). Please use double space, 12 pt Times New Roman font and 1" margins. Please remove all extra space between paragraphs.
  3. Watch: What is "Media"?
  4. Respond to the following pre-assessment questions in your Google Doc:
  • What is media?
  • Please describe the different kind of media that you know about. Which do you think is the most powerful? Why?
  • Create your own question about media.

Let's proceed to our first lesson:Lesson One: What is Media and Why is it Important?


ETAP 623 Spring 2017: ETAP 623 Spring 2017

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Mini-Course Homepage: Media Literacy Mini-Course Homepage

Lessons in this unit:

  1. Lesson One: What is Media and Why is it Important?
  2. Lesson Two: Reviewing Media Literacy Research
  3. Lesson Three: Examining Curriculum-Driven Approaches to Media Literacy in a 7-12 Classroom