Unit 5: Create a TBLT lesson plan


Unit 5: Create a TBLT lesson plan

Unit objectives: By the end of unit 6, the participants will:

  • Show their ability conduct a TBLT lesson
  • Understand the missing components in a TBLT lesson
  • Self-assess and improve their TBLT Teachings

Analyse TBLT lesson plans!

Before beginning to start creating your own lesson plan, go to this link Task Based Learning

Go over the three lesson plans. Pay attention to how all the characteristic of TBLT lessons you learned are embedded in the lesson plans. If there's any missing component, think how you would re-create by adding that.

Now let's create a lesson plan on our own!

Encourage your students to speak!

Create your own lesson plan and upload it in the shared drive.

Check list

  1. Select a topic
  2. Decide which grammatical component you want to address
  3. Select one task out of the five tasks you learned
  4. Follow the methodology plan; pre task, task, post task phases
  5. Distinguish between the teacher role and the student role
  6. Add formative assessments
  7. Add summative assessment
  8. Decide how you are going to give feedback

Use the lesson in your classroom

Implement the lesson in your classroom. Examine how that improves students' communicative competence. Examine if students are motivated to practice speaking in class while learning grammar.

Self asses your teaching

Write a reflection on what you would do differently based on student performance


Improve your lesson plan based on your self reflection

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