Unit 4 - Integrating Video in the Classroom


Unit 4: Integrating Video in the Classroom


  • Participants will be able to describe how they can utilize the videos they can now create.
  • Participants will discuss how they and their campus may use video in education in the future.
  • After reflecting on the course and their own instructional needs, participants will create a plan (written or video, leaning towards video) of how and to what degree they plan to implement video in their classroom.

Lesson 1: What are ways I can use and share my videos?

  • After making such great videos you are going to want to share them with your students, fellow instructors and others. Aside from simply getting the link from the title bar of your internet browser and copying and pasting those links into emails, websites, chats, instant messages, etc. there is another way to share your videos online. You can also embed your videos. Embedding videos allows the video to display directly in the page, blog or email directly without requiring the user to click a link to send them to an external website. These activities will teach us how to embed using our screencast application of choice.

Button-Next-icon.png Activity Videos-icon.png Watch: Embed Jing Content Using Screencast.com

Supplementary material: http://download.techsmith.com/jing/docs/embed-image-video.pdf

  • In the next activity we will learn to embed Screenr videos:

Button-Next-icon.png Activity Videos-icon.png Watch: Embedding Screenr screencasts

  • Finally, we will learn to embed Screencast-O-Matic videos:

Button-Next-icon.png Activity Videos-icon.pngWatch: Embedding Screencast-O-Matic screencasts

  • Remember: you can use this HTML embed code to place your videos in emails, blogs and inside of your LMS (ANGEL, Blackboard, Moodle, Desire2Learn, etc.)

Lesson 2: Where to?

  • There is more to creating video in the classroom than simply using basic screencasting tools. Other ways to use video in the classroom include:
    • as mentioned earlier in the course video blogging (it is possible to utilize your web camera with Screencast-O-Matic)
    • using advanced screencasting tools like Camtasia Studio [1] or Adobe Captivate [2] which allow editing of both the video and the audio
      • using this advanced software you can:
      • edit audio
      • add background music
      • edit and move around video sequences
      • trim your videos to eliminate unnecessary parts
      • add transitions in your video
      • add on screen effects in a post production setting
      • and more!
    • record and distribute your lectures to your students
    • create synchronous live lectures for online and hybrid courses that are hosted on the Internet
    • video conference with your students using software like Skype for live multi-way video chatting

The possibilities are endless with the right technology in place. However, the demand comes from the instructors. Hopefully this venture into video in the classroom whets your appetite for more.

Lesson 3: Creating a plan to use video in your classroom

In this lesson we are going to tie the entire course together!

Button-Next-icon.png Activity Document-Write-icon.png Write: Reflecting on what you have learned in this course create a plan to implement video in your classroom.

Button-Next-icon.png Activity Document-Write-icon.png Write: Using this reflection piece create a script, you are going to be asked to make this into a video. Edit your script down to fit a 5 minute long video.

Button-Next-icon.png Activity Hardware-Video-Camera-record-icon.png Create: You can use your choice of Jing, Screenr or Screencast-O-Matic to create your video. You can also use ZoomIt to annotate your video if you would like to.

Button-Next-icon.png Activity User-Group-icon.png Discuss: Post your plan on the class discussion forum, comment on other classmates work

  • View the READ ME! post after clicking this link.

Congratulations! You have completed this mini-course!

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