Unit 4: Virtual Field Trip DIY


Lesson 4: Virtual Field Trip DIY

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Create Your Own Virtual Trip

Think back to your reflection questions from lesson 3. What upcoming science unit did you think would better engage students by using a virtual field trip?

In this lesson you are going to create your own virtual field trip with that science unit in mind.

You have two options in this lesson:

1. Search the web or use the resources given in lesson 3 to find a pre-made virtual field trip that would benefit your science unit.

2. Follow the video "How to Create a Virtual Field Trip Using Google Slides," and create your own custom virtual field trip to fit your unit.

Share What You Have Created & Learned

After you either find a pre-made virtual field trip or create your own, please fill out the google form to share the link to the virtual field trip and what your have learned throughout this mini-course!

Final Google Form

Thank you for your participation! I hope you learned a lot and were able to walk away with a virtual field trip to use in your own classroom!

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