Unit 3: Virtual Field Trips Within Your Own Science Classroom


Lesson 3: Virtual Field Trips Within Your Own Science Classroom

Different Types Of Virtual Field Trips

  • Skype in the classroom = Guest speaker
  • Google expeditions = Interactive journeys in both virtual reality and augmented reality
  • 360 Cities = High resolution panoramic images of locations all over the world
  • Nearpod = Virtual reality
  • Google Street View = Uses panoramic images that let your turn around, zoom in and walk down roads to check out the scenery.

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Virtual Field Trips Within A Science Lesson

Some of the best science lessons are learned hands-on, in the classroom or home school environments. What science student wouldn't benefit from a visit to a natural history museum or aquarium? Field trips can enhance a lesson plan for any subject, but some of the biggest field trips aren't available to many students.

Virtual Field Trip Science Ideas: (Click On The Virtual Field Trip To Check It Out)

Where To Find Pre-Made Virtual Field Trips

There are many places to find "pre-mage" virtual field trips. Some of the easiest ways is to type into google or your search engine of choice "_______ virtual field trip." From there you will have a wide variety of resources.

Here are some great links to virtual field trip websites: (Click On The Site To Check It Out)

How To Create Your Own Virtual Field Trip

Making your own virtual field trip is a very fun and lengthy task at times. However, in the end it is an amazing, engaging, and rewarding resources that you will have for the rest of your teaching career. Making your own virtual field trip enables you to customize it to your learning standards and lesson goals.

Watch this video below to learn how to make your own using google slides:


Before going on to the next lesson, I would like for you to reflect on these questions:

1. How can I use a virtual field trip in my own classroom, especially science?

2. What is a science unit coming up that I could incorporate a virtual field trip in to better engage my students?

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