Unit 4: Project Creation


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Learning Objectives

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Students will map out a project that can be used in their general music classroom
  2. Students will identify a driving problem that will be the leading idea behind their project
  3. Students will identify learning objectives that will be the driving force behind project creation
  4. Students will create a timeline for how long their project will take and the various tasks that students will complete during the project
  5. Students will create assessments and rubrics for their project for how they will evaluate student and project success
  6. Students will share their project ideas with other participants for feedback on structure, content, and success

Unit Structure

This final unit in this course is designed in a PBL format. Students will be presented with a driving question and create an artifact to show their learning. Use information from the previous three units in order to be successful in this final unit.


You are a general music teacher and a colleague has approached you about changing some aspects of the curriculum. They have asked you of ways that you can create a more engaging and collaborative curriculum where students can create various artifacts that demonstrate their learning. You must present your ideas to your principal and department chair so that you can get the funding to make these changes. They have asked for a sample unit lesson plan demonstrating your idea, but also shows a link to educational theory as to why this new approach would be beneficial, and how it is tied into school and national standards. You have decided to investigate project-based learning.

Consider the following questions before starting your lesson plan:

  1. What is the driving question behind my project?
  2. What are the learning objectives?
  3. What is my timeline for the project?
  4. How will you evaluate students?
  5. What are the educational theories behind your decisions?

When you have completed your task please share your lesson plan in the Google Drive Folder at this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5MWdMVxlabFN0lJX3Q2N1JOZkE

View at least two other lesson plans and comment on the various aspects of the project. (i.e. what you think will be successful and what should be considered.)


Here is a link to a rubric from BIE as to what makes a good project:


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