Unit 5: Final Thoughts


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Course Take-Aways

Remember, project based learning is not a firm and final answer for all aspects of education. Is it a fantastic idea in terms of engaging students, having them construct their own knowledge, having them collaborate with one another, and show their learning through the creation of an artifact? Absolutely. However, there are many other teaching methods and concepts out there.

My hope for this course is that you will take away a new set of "tools" for your teaching toolbox. You will have an understanding of how project based learning can enhance what you are already doing in the classroom. Seeing examples from other music educators and collaborating with other like minded people are great ways to learn more about a specific topic.

I also hope through the completion of this course that you will have a project that you can immediately implement in your classroom. This will be a high quality project that is backed in learning theory and constructed based on the essentials of a great project.

A Good Project:

  1. Has a driving question
  2. Is authentic to students
  3. Is engaging
  4. Is based in standards
  5. Has objectives that can be measured
  6. Ends with the creation of an artifact
  7. Allows for formative assessment throughout the entire project
  8. Allows the teacher to be a "guide on the side" instead of a "sage on the stage"

I hope that implementation of project based learning in your general music classroom will be a nice addition making your students' (and your own!) lives happier and the classroom a more engaging place.