Unit 4: Literacy Lesson Development

Unit 4 Overview

During this unit you will apply your knowledge and practice with literacy strategies to develop a lesson plan using any of the literacy strategies previously mentioned in the course. You will also use your own content area knowledge and topic of choice to develop a lesson on.

Task 1: Sign-Up

  • Develop a topic of interest to turn into a lesson that integrates scientific literacy.
  • In the following document, list your lesson plan topic along with your literacy strategy to be implemented.
  • Sign-up to review the lesson plan of a peer.
Lesson Plan Review Sign-Up

Task 2: Apply What You Know

  • Develop a lesson using your chosen/assigned literacy strategy and a science topic of your choice. You may create a "New Document" In our class shared folder. Please name the document with your name and lesson topic.
  • Use the following rubric for your lesson design.

Lesson/ Unit Plan Rubric

  • You may use any lesson plan template you are already familiar with.

Task 3: Present and Critique

  • Review the lesson of another classmate. Tell them what was good, what they should consider changing, ask questions, etc.
  • Be sure to review the rubric so you can give effective feedback to your peers.
  • As the "reviewer" try to view the lesson from the viewpoint of a student.
  • Use the "comment" feature to leave feedback throughout their document.

Task 4: Reflect and Refine

  • Write a reflection on your lesson. Be sure to include the feedback from your peers to reflect on your work. What will you change, what do you think you did well on. This can be done in your Design Journal.
  • Please include a section on HOW your lesson promotes scientific literacy.
  • Fix any mistakes/ issues in your lesson as you can use this as part of your final assessment.


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