Unit 5: Develop a Literacy Unit

Unit 5 Overview

Unit 5 consists of the last pieces of this course. During this time you will apply your knowledge of literacy to the new Next Generation Science Standards that are making their way through classrooms across the country. Your final assessment will be the development of a "mini" unit plan that includes literacy as well as the NGSS. Have fun with this! Good luck and Congratulations of finishing the course!!

Task 1: NGSS?

  • Read and reflect on the following articles. Be sure to take notes in your Design Journal. Keep in mind the role literacy may have in NGSS.

Disciplinary Literacy and NGSS

The Poetry of Dandelions

  • These readings will help in your development of a literacy and NGSS friendly "mini" Unit Plan

Task 2:Designing Your "Mini" Unit

  • Design a "Mini" Unit Plan of 3-5 lessons.

Use the following Rubric Unit Plan Rubric

  • Your lessons must incorporate two or more of the literacy strategies you have learned about from this course, use your notes from your Design Journal
  • Your lessons must meet the requirements of NGSS.

Task 3: How it all works!

  • The last part of your final assessment will be your Unit Plan Rationale.
  • Use the following link to guide you in your rationale. Rationale Guidelines
  • Make sure your Unit Plan, Materials, and Rationale are submitted together through Google, in a NEW folder, with your Name and Unit Title.


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