Unit 4: Leveraging Interactivity to Promote Learner Engagement


Target Objectives:

Upon completion of this unit, participants will:

  • Create a list of research-based activities to promote learner engagement. Discuss choices with group and produce integrated list of activities with reasons for selection.
  • Have confidence to make commitment to use web 2.0 tools to enhance community building and foster positive learning environment.



Unit 4 Lecture: Using Activity Selection & Technology to Your Best Advantage



Important: To participate in this course, you will need a Wordpress account. This will allow you to contribute to discussion board prompts as well as post reflection blogs. Here is the link to the site we will be using to create and organize our posts: https://onlinelearningengagement.wordpress.com


Activity #1: In this week's discussion, explore some learning activities and technologies you could use to promote learner engagement in your online course based on the research you've encountered in this course. If you are not currently teaching or developing a course, use a hypothetical example and design activities for that. Cite articles that you have in your shared repository. Provide constructive feedback to a minimum of 3 of your peers.


Activity #2: Collaborate with your peers to create a directory of available Web 2.0 tools that you could leverage in your online course. Select one of the tools and write up a tutorial on how an instructor might use this in their course. Completed tutorials can be submitted here in the Unit 4 folder.

Reflection Activity:


What Web 2.0 tools would you incorporate into your own online course? What kinds of activities would they support?

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