Unit 4: How can I teach author's craft through digital writing?


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Unit Intro


We teach our students to analyze author's craft when they read and utilize craft techniques when they write. There is a vast array of craft "moves" found in traditional print text, and most of these carry over into digital writing. However, additional techniques must be addressed when composing multimodal texts.

In this unit, you will investigate the author's craft techniques unique to digital writing and appreciate the role purposeful use of these techniques plays in developing media literacy and critical thinking. You'll take a look at the CWPA Habits of Mind in order to understand why digital writing craft matters in the context of preparing students for writing demands beyond high schools, and you'll learn how the MAPS heuristic can be used to plan meaningful digital writing projects for your students. After evaluating a mentor digital text, you will spend some time fleshing out your own final project task using the Habits of Mind and MAPS as your guide.

Unit Objectives

Participants will understand the role of author's craft in digital writing. They will evaluate mentor texts based on the CWPA Habits of Mind and MAPS.

Unit Outline

Lesson 4.1: What role do media craft techniques play in digital writing?

Participants will...

  • identify media craft techniques.
  • understand the importance of attending to craft when composing digital texts.

Lesson 4.2: How can we use the CWPA Habits of Mind and MAPS to plan meaningful digital writing projects?


Participants will...

  • learn what the CWPA Habits of Mind and MAPS are.
  • evaluate strong examples of digital writing based on the Habits of Mind and MAPS.

Lesson 4.3: How can I use the CWPA Habits of Mind and MAPS to develop a meaningful digital writing project for my students?

Participants will...

  • identify and explain CWPA Habits of Mind addressed by their digital writing project.
  • use MAPS to flesh out the digital writing task their students will complete.

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