Lesson 4.3: How can I use the CWPA Habits of Mind and MAPS to develop a meaningful digital writing project for my students?


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  • To develop a meaningful digital writing task through the application of the CWPA Habits of Mind and MAPS.

Project Guidance

For this phase of your culminating task development, you will identify author's craft techniques to teach your students as part of their digital writing project. It is important that you teach students how to use these techniques thoughtfully, just as you would with traditional writing.


Because you want to prepare your students for college, career, and successful 21st century living, I also encourage you to identify three to four CWPA Habits of Mind that your project will address. It's not just about the writing itself, but about the attitudes that will foster productive citizens of the future.

Lastly, I invite you to frame your task using the MAPS heuristic, as author's craft choices should be inspired and driven by audience and purpose. You want to train your students to use certain techniques because they will most appropriately and effectively enhance meaning in the real-world context of the task.


To help you reflect on your learning in Unit 2 and develop the task for your final digital writing project, please participate in the End-of-Unit 4 discussion. I would like you to respond to the following prompts:

  • What are your biggest takeaways from Unit 4 of this mini-course?
  • How will your learning influence the types of writing tasks you ask your students to engage in?
  • Which Habits of Mind will align with your project? How will these habits benefit your students?
  • How will you use the MAPS heuristic to develop your digital writing task?
  • Which digital-specific craft moves will your final task involve? How do you plan on teaching these techniques?

If possible, I highly encourage you to read what others have written and comment with your insights and questions.

Click on the Discussion tab at the top of this page to begin!


For this activity, you will identify digital-specific author's craft moves for your final project task and consider how you might go about teaching them. You will also add Habits of Mind descriptors to your project and draft the task using MAPS.

Please return to your Project Planning Template doc. It includes designated spaces for you to develop these pieces.

Thank you!


You have completed this mini-course. Congratulations, and thank you for your hard work!

As a next step, I would encourage you to develop a rubric for your digital writing project that balances traditional writing expectations with media design components.

I hope your project becomes an exciting learning adventure for you and your students, and I wish you luck in your continuing digital writing journey!