Unit 4: Creating Activities


Unit Overview

Congratulations on making it to the final unit of this mini-course. So far we have learned what an iPad is and the different uses for it, we learned why iPad integration in the classroom is beneficial, and we learned how to determine which apps are appropriate for our students learning needs. Now, we are going to learn how to take all of that information and create lessons that successfully integrate iPads into your elementary classroom.

Learning Objective: Learners will be able to create lessons and activities that actively engage students through iPad integration.

Creating Lessons & Activities

iPad integration will look different in every classroom. Although we have spent the time learning all about iPads, the benefits of integrating technology, and how to choose appropriate apps for your students, all technology integration incorporates some level of trail and error. Each classroom is different, each group of students is different, so iPad integration will look different in these various environments. Another factor that can change the way iPad integration looks in your classroom is the amount of devices available. If you only have one for the classroom, if you have a few, or if you have enough for the whole class will change the way you can incorporate them into your classroom.


One iPad

If you have one iPad, there are a few different options you can do:

Whole class – You can use the iPad yourself and project it so the whole class can see it. When doing this option, the iPad can be used at the main instruction tool for you to use, or you can use it as an activity where the students in the class take turns coming to the front of the room.

Pass around – You could also have the students share the iPad. Everyone in the class will have an assigned iPad time. During that time, the student can use the iPad and work on activities at their level.

Small group center – You can have the iPad at a center. When the students get to this iPad center, they can collaborate and work together to work on an activity of your choosing.

Some iPads

If you have a few iPads, you can use them in the ways listed above, or you can use one of the following options:

Centers – You can have centers during various times throughout the day. When using centers, one can be specifically for iPads. In this center the students will individually use the iPads to complete the activities assigned by you.

Small group – Like the small group center listed above, the students can work within their group to collaboratively work on a project. The difference here is you can have the whole class work on the project at the same time. Each small group would have one iPad that they would work collaboratively use.

1:1 iPads

If you have a class set of iPads, you have the most options on integration. You can do all of the previously listed options plus the following additional options:

Self-use – If you have a 1:1 ratio of students and iPads, you pretty much have an open door when it comes to options of integration. Obviously not all iPads need to be used at the same time, so all other previous options mentioned are still available in this situation. With a class set of iPads, it is very easy to differentiate instruction and create and assign different assignments to different students based on their learning needs. There are no limitations on the content of the activities since each student has access to their iPad at all times.

Whole class – with a class set of iPads, the teacher can use them as a whole group instructional tool. You can demonstrate something and your students can follow along and mimic on their own iPads. The students can also use the iPads for taking notes throughout different lessons. The teacher can assign the students activities to complete and they can do them at the same time on their own individual iPads.

Above were just a few examples of different ways iPad integration may look in your classroom. Remember that all classrooms are different, and something entirely new not listed above may work the best for you. It is all about trying it out and seeing what works best with your students and their learning.

Video Resource

Watch this video to see how one teacher explains how she integrates iPads into her classroom.


(there are additional video resources in the Additional Resources section)



Now that we have come to the end of the mini-course, it is time for you to take all of the information you have learned and put it together. You will be creating your own lesson or activity that integrates iPads into your elementary classroom. In your lesson, be sure to include how many iPads you have, how you are using them in the classroom, and how many students per iPad. Submit your lesson to the Google Form below. If you wish to share out to the classroom community, you may also share your lesson in the Discussion section for this unit. You will recieve feedback on your lessons/activities shortly after they are submitted.


Also, do not forget to add questions, comments, ideas, thoughts, and any interesting facts you may have to the course corkboard!


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