Unit 3: World-Building Elements in Practice


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Unit 3: World-Building Elements in Practice


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This unit is the penultimate unit for the course, where the knowledge you’ve gained over the last two units and the many projects will be synthesized and put into practice. Since learning what world-building is and how it can be used in creative writing lessons, as well as the importance of student engagement and choice, you have gained a wealth of resources and reflections on this topic and are ready for the application portion of the course. There are two lessons in this unit, each with 2 projects. Like the earlier set-up of the course, the lessons will contain a project to gain background knowledge, then one where you will apply it.

As always, the course instructor can be reached at jwilson6@albany.edu with any questions or concerned about the information provided or the assignments required.

Objective: Following the discussion of two different types of lesson plans with creative writing worked into them, participants will be able to draft their own creative writing lesson plan incorporating world-building elements and receive above a 6/8 on the corresponding rubric.


LESSON 1: Starting From Scratch
Topic: Writing lesson plans from the ground-up with creative writing elements in them
LESSON 2: But My Curriculum is Already Established?
Topic: Adding in creative writing elements to pre-established lesson plans

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