LESSON 1: Starting From Scratch


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Lesson 1: Starting From Scratch

Topic: Writing lesson plans from the ground-up with creative writing elements in them

Objective: Analyze the following "from-scratch" lesson plan in a discussion forum with peers, then choose an optional project 2 in this lesson or in LESSON 2: But My Curriculum is Already Established? to complete for a formal grade on the rubric.

Project 1

From the first unit where you were first given background knowledge on world-building and student engagement, to the second where you were told more about the creative writing strategy and student choice, you arrive at unit three, where we begin to put the puzzle together.

In this first project, we will collectively evaluate and discuss a creative writing lesson plan. The lesson plan is linked here, and the discussion forum is located at Talk:LESSON 1: Starting From Scratch. For this, I strongly suggest you have the two open side-by-side. Your discussion replies do not need to be lengthy, but you must reply to every thread set up by the course administrator.

Project 2

This second project and the one for the next lesson are interchangeable. Choose one and complete it for a grade on this rubric. A passing score is a 6/8.

Now that you've examined a lesson plan that was either completely from scratch, or was an edited lesson from a pre-established curriculum, it is your turn to create your own lesson draft. This outline contains sections for you to map out a lesson plan that has incorporated all of what you learned throughout the course. Save a copy of this to your own Google Drive and edit it there. When you are finished, please share a copy with the course instructor at jwilson6@albany.edu to receive a score and comments.

For lesson 1, draft a lesson plan completely from scratch.

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