Unit 3: Using Plickers as an Assessment Tool

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Unit Overview and Objectives

The participants in this unit will be able to formally assess students based on their performance of the Plickers lesson. Participants will then have a better gauge and understanding of what topics student perform well with and what topics they struggle with. A reteach lesson or another review lesson can then be created based solely on the needs of the students.


Assessment is one of the most critical pieces of any lesson. As you saw in Unit 2, there are two separate views of students' responses:

Student View Students are only able to see what is projected from the Plickers website. As students' answers are scanned the results are shown on a bar graph. They are able to see how many chose each question and how many student have yet to answer. When all students have answered. The correct answer is revealed by the bar graph highlighting the correct choice in green and the others in red. This ensure students remain anonymous to their peers when answering the questions.


Teacher View The teacher has a somewhat different view of the results. As the teacher scans the students' cards with their smartphone a live result is shown. The same bar graph that the students see is shown, but additionally each students name appears with what they answered. Each name is also shown in either green or red depending on how the student answer. On the plickers desktop website, teachers are also able to access a question history and create a scoresheet.

80db9baa.plickers.iphone.png Final-Smaller-Width-Scoresheet2.png

Now that the teacher has greater knowledge of what the students know and don't know, a lesson that focuses on the specific content needed for that class can be designed. The questions that most students got incorrect can be printed out and reviewed as a whole class. Another option is students can be broken into groups based on which questions they got wrong the mini reteach lessons can be developed based on each groups needs.


After completing the Plickers lesson in your class from Unit 2, create a spreadsheet on the website to create a more efficient way to see how students compare to each other. Once you have a clear understanding of what skills or knowledge your students lack, create a re teach lesson based on that data collected. The lesson can be designed in any way you see best fir for your classroom.

Once you designed your re teach lesson please post your thoughts, ideas, and opinions here



Now that you have completed your first Plickers lesson in your own classroom it is time to reflect on your new found familiarity with this great tool. On Padlet you may leave comments on your opinion about Plickers, any questions you may have, or any ideas to use it in the future. Feel free to collaborate with others whom have also left posts. Click on the link below