Unit 3: SMARTboard Interactive Lessons


Lesson Objective

The learner will be able to define SMARTboard and identify the benefit of using the SMARTboard in the music room.

How to get smart by using a SMARTboard!

Some of you may ask: Why should I learn how to use a SMARTboard when I have a whiteboard and/or chalkboard that works really well. Some may have a projector that goes on the white board or wall to display images and lessons to students. There are some teachers that use Elmo projectors which are really handy, as well. However, none of them are a SMARTboard!

SMARTboards are interactive projectors and have already made lesson templates that you can use to engage the students in your classroom. During my undergrad degree, we specifically had to create a band lesson utilizing the SMARTboard. If I can find it, I will display it on here as another example. I appreciate the fact that you can project sheets or websites from online and/or show videos, which students can write on top of to show work and interact with it. You can then go to your computer and take a screenshot to capture students work for viewing at a later time (when grades are due).

Features of SMARTboards


Thing you didn't know you could do on a SMARTboard



Lesson Plans & Resources

Lesson Plans & Resources The link above brings you to the SMART exchange website that has a TON of already made SMART Board lessons that you can download and use in your classroom! You can even sort by subject and/or grade to better suit your students needs.

They even have a GarageBand project that is presented through a SMART Board presentation: http://exchange.smarttech.com/details.html?id=15b950e4-8be1-426e-95d2-f8ae66c7e42a


  1. Create a SMART Board lesson on your own using SMART Notebook (This is your assessment for the Unit).
  2. Search on YouTube for examples of music lessons. There are many lessons for band and general music or chorus that would suit your needs.

Moving On

Once you have read through & completed Unit 3 tasks, move on to Unit 4: GarageBand HELP.



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