Unit 1: Google Sites for the Music Room


Lesson Objective

The learner will be able to define Google Sites and identify the benefit of using Google Sites in the music room.

Why should I create a Google Site?

My first experience with Google Sites was when I needed to create a profile during my undergrad and I thought it was an easy format to use to create a website with an educational purpose. When I first learned that I would have my own classroom this year, I KNEW that I wanted to create a Google Site (at least for my band students). All you need is to have or create a Google account. This is perfect if you school is Google based because then you and all of your students already have a Google e-mail account. **Note: Google Sites has updated very recently and there are many new features and it appears to be even more user friendly. It also looks more modern and appealing to the eye. They are still releasing the beta and I have access to the new version at school/work, but am not able to access it at home. If you decide to create a site (which you should), I would wait until it is fully released.

To check for updates on releases with G Suite Products see here: https://gsuite.google.com/whatsnew/product-updates/

Features of Google Sites

5 Key features of the new Google Sites

  1. You can create web pages that display nicely on any device.
  2. You can insert content from Google Drive and other apps.
  3. You can embed some external content.
  4. You can customize and move content sections.
  5. You can publish your site to your organization (school website) or to the world.

Google sites is "an elegant way to publish text, images, and content from Google Drive and other Google sources to the web. If you use G Suite, the new Google Sites is one of the fastest - and simplest - ways to build a website at work"(Wolber, 2016).

Basic Steps to Creating your Google Site

Google just released a Cheat Sheet to help people create a Google Site page after the recent update.


Possible Topics to Include

Here is a list of topics I have included in my personal Google Site:

  • Announcements
  • Band
  • Fingering Charts
  • General Music
  • How to Practice
  • Lesson Groups
  • Lesson Schedule
  • Musicians to Listen to
  • Online Metronome Links
  • Practice Recordings
  • See the Band & General Music Classoom
  • Meet Miss Barnes

Managing your Site & Control Access/Permissions

  • Go to Sites: https://sites.google.com
  • Click on your site's name.
  • At the top right click the gear > Sharing and Permissions.
  • Invite users to your site by entering their names or email addresses under "Invite People" and then click Send.
  • You can also give specific permissions to each page by clicking Enable page-level permissions.
  • Under where it says "Who has access", it will most likely show you school name and to the right it will say "Change...". If you click on change you can be even more specific with who can view your Google Site.


  • Fill out the Form below and then view the video.
  1. Describe Google Sites and list some topics that you could include on your music classroom page on this Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/zjUB94v5VVC7VMNg1
                                    New Google Sites How-To
  • After watching the video, answer the following questions.
  1. What is your favorite thing about the new google sites?
  2. How can you implement this in your music classroom?
  3. How can your students benefit from using Google Sites as a resource?
  4. What were 2 new ideas that you learned by watching the video?


Unit 1: Google Sites Assessment - https://goo.gl/forms/oogIae6qEGc3pT563

Moving On

Once you have read through & completed Unit 1 tasks, move on to Unit 2: Google Classroom Projects & Assignments.



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