Unit 3: Creating a Technology Based Lesson


Unit 3: Tech Rich Lesson!

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Incorporating Technology to Increase Student Engagement

Unit 1: Basic Understanding of Utilizing Technology in the Classroom

Unit 2: Strategies for Incorporating Technology


The objectives of this unit are for the learners to create a meaningful lesson around the implementation of technology into the classroom as well as to evaluate the implementation of technology in their created lesson.


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Now that we have had a chance to look at some of the research behind incorporating technology in the classrooms, how do we apply this? How is this practical in your class? How do you add technology into your class and make it meaningful?

By the end of this unit you should work at least two pieces of technology into a lesson in a way to enhance student learning and comprehension of the material.


In the first unit, you read two papers that described how teachers utilize technology in their classes and how to enhance student engagement and learning.

Li, Worch, Zhou, and Aguiton noted that there was a disconnect from the digital natives, and their implementation of technology within their classes. Why is it that they are so comfortable with using technology themselves, but they cannot bring it into the classroom? What barriers are preventing teachers from effectively integrating technology in curriculum? What barriers are preventing you from integrating technology into your classroom?

Think about the barriers that are preventing you from adding technology into your classroom. Now think of ways to overcome these barriers!


Please visit the following web page, and read the slide page to the right.



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Complete this task utilizing a Google Doc and once completed, please share with me.

This is a basic start to integrating technology into your classroom. Since this is a starting point, you will add on your lessons in more detail after the course with the information that you have learned.

  • Start with choosing the lesson that you would like to enhance with technology.
Is the lesson the introduction to a new concept? The heart of the lesson? The closing of a lesson? What portion of the lesson is being affected by the technology?
  • Decide on the technology that you would like to integrate.
Chrome Books? iPads? Web Quests? Clickers? Games? Personal smart devices?
  • Realign your objectives for the lesson to include this new addition.
Are the students using the technology to gain a deeper knowledge? Or are your students using this technology to present the findings of a research project? Maybe just utilizing the technology as a formative assessment?
  • Ensure NYS standard alignments.
  • Re-write lesson body, including the technology that you have decided upon. (Remember, when adding technology that there is a learning purpose, and it is not being added to the lesson for the sake of having technology added to the lesson. This addition is supposed to be meaningful, and increase student engagement!)
When manipulating your lesson to incorporate this newer technology, please take into consideration the readings that you have completed, as well as the videos that you have watched. These will help you while planning your newer lesson.
Make sure that you have a back up plan just in case the technology is not available or does not work during the implementation. Perhaps the internet is down, or the batteries were not charged properly, just ensure there are some low-tech modifications.



Utilizing a Google Doc, please answer the following questions. When completed, please share with me.

  • What technology did you integrate into your lesson?
    How will this technology enhance the student's engagement to the material?
    Was this integration difficult?

  • Was this mini-course beneficial to your lesson planning and overall addition of technology into the classroom?
    Do you feel more comfortable utilizing technology within your curriculum?
  • Do you feel that your lesson will be successful? Why or why not?
  • Is there anything that should be changed in this mini lesson to better assist technological learners?

Unit 1: Basic Understanding of Utilizing Technology in the Classroom

Unit 2: Strategies for Incorporating Technology