Unit 2: Strategies for Incorporating Technology


Unit 2: Adding Tech To Your Class!

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Incorporating Technology to Increase Student Engagement

Unit 1: Basic Understanding of Utilizing Technology in the Classroom

Unit 3: Creating a Technology Based Lesson



The objective of this unit is for the learners to learn strategies to increase student engagement through technology addition in the classroom.


As stated by Li, Worch, Zhou, and Aguiton in the previous unit, “technology access in classrooms has been steadily growing in the last two decades and education is experiencing an increase in classroom technology demands”. Many educators are eager to incorporate technology into their lessons, but are unsure how to begin. Educators themselves are at varying levels of technological understanding, but this should not hold you back from expanding and refreshing your lessons. There seems to be a disconnect between using technology in the personal setting, and then to try to incorporate it into the classroom.

As a person of the 21st century, you use a form of technology every day, whether it is a phone, a television, radio, computer, smart phone, etc., and therefore know how to manipulate the technology. Now, if you are shaking your head, saying “I don’t use technology” how are you reading this? You are utilizing a computer, you have found this website, and are learning more about how to use this information. Try to think about ways to incorporate technology within the class to enhance your established lessons.

Start out small with using the computer to show a 6 minute video on a concept that you are teaching. Or use the radio to have background music playing while the students are writing. Have the students use their phones to google an image to enhance the lesson. Then work your way up to completing a full lesson utilizing technology. You want your lesson to be ENHANCED by the technology that you add, not overtaken by it. Adding technology to your lesson shouldn’t be something added just to get credit for your APPR, but to bring the material to the students in a form that they will identify with.

Below is a video of a 12 year old that has some great ideas on how to add technology effectively into the classroom. There are a few more videos to help you see various ways to incorporate technology into the classroom.



In this section, please watch the videos below by following the web links. These videos are to give you an inside look as to why incorporating technology into your classroom is the right move, and beneficial to the students.







In the Discussions Tab above:

  • Discuss what technology you utilize in the classroom to increase student engagement with the material.
Be sure to respond to other's posts and respond to anyone that responded to your post. Just like a face to face discussion would be conducted.
  • You can take this opportunity to share pieces of technology that you may already use, and how it is beneficial to the students.
  • What are some new apps that the students are using and how can or how are you using them in class?
  • Are any of the technology pieces featured in the videos something you use, or would like to use?


Complete utilizing a Google Doc, and please share with me.

  • Please reflect on how you intend to work technology into your classroom. Think of a particular lesson, and how it may be enhanced with technology.
  • What parts of the videos did you find most interesting?


Unit 1: Basic Understanding of Utilizing Technology in the Classroom

Unit 3: Creating a Technology Based Lesson