Unit 3: Career Profile



This unit will really get the student thinking about the things they really like to do. They will be looking at many different and sometimes unique activities and decide whether or not they may like to do them. I have found that it is very easy for a student to tell you all the things that they do not like to do, though do they really know what they enjoy doing. In the end we all hope to find a career that we enjoy that we do not dread doing every day for many years to come. This unit is created to help students think about all those things. This lesson is meant to take one 42 minute class period, it will be spent either in the computer lab or with a mobile lab with interenet access.


  • Students will identify how their interests and abilities effect their career choice.

Pin.gifLesson 1: Using What You Enjoy

Career Zone

Have students follow through the following steps to complete their interest inventory which will very closely match them with a career.

Step 1: Click on the link to the right [1]

Step 2: Log in to your account

Step 3: Click on my interests, then start new profiler and begin.

They are going to be asked numerous questions on the things they may like or not like to do. At the end of the questionare they will be matched with numerouse careers. I reccomend having them choose from one of the first five a career that interests them. They will then either print out the information sheet or save it to a removable storage device.


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