Unit 4: Career Research



This lesson chould take many days to finish in class. You may want to give the student some class time and some home time to finish the last step of the Career Exploration process. In this final step students are going to explore the many aspects of one career that they have been linked with. They are then going to create a culminating project.


  • Students will list the facts about the career they have chosen.

Pin.gifLesson 1: Career Exploration Information Packet

Information Packet

Using the packet provided have students answer all questions. They are to use both the interent source they already have from Career Zone or the other two links provided below. They are also required to find one text source to answer at least one of the questions from.

Media:Career Project.doc

[1] New York Career Zone

[2] Career Cruising

[3] Occupational Outlook Handbook

Pin.gifLesson 2: Career Exploration Brochure

Using Microsoft Publisher students are going to create a brochure using all the information they have found. You could explain to them that they are trying to sell the career to someone that may be interested in it. They are explaning using the brochure the facts about the career. This lesson also can take up to two or three class days depending on the time you the teacher would like to spend on it.


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