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Madison Miller's Mini-Course

ClassDojo: A Digital Behavior Management Tool Module 2

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So finally, what's the hype all about? Let's get to it and actually access this tool now.

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Module Objective

In this module participants will become familiar with ClassDojo tools and create a plan to use them in their classroom.

Task 1

Step 1: Please watch the following video to become familiar with the website layout and tools offered on ClassDojo: ClassDojo Set Up and Tutorial

Step 2: Review this Introductory PDF to familiarize yourself further with ClassDojo tools and upgrades that have been implemented since the video was made.

Task 2

Participants may use any word processor they so choose from Microsoft Word to Google Docs.

Step 1: After having explored and tinkered around with the platform and different tools, students should create a plan for how they can incorporate ClassDojo into their own classroom.

In your word processor, of no more than one page double spaced, describe your classroom in as much detail as possible. Include your student population, the environment, challenges, strengths, current behavior plan and it effectiveness, etc. Also start to brainstorm as to how you think different tools and the platforms reward system in general could benefit your population of students. Do you envision parents getting involved as well? What are some challenges you think you might face?

Step 2 Create a ClassDojo account.

Add your students to the corresponding classroom.

Invite students and parents to join in your class.