Unit 2: The Pros & Cons of Virtual Field Trips


Lesson 2: The Pros & Cons of Virtual Field Trips


  • Inexpensive
  • Allow students to explore places that they might not have been able to visit otherwise.
  • Students of all ages can experience traveling to far-off locations.
  • Virtual field trips allow teacher to expose students to places not common in their geographic region.
  • The use of the internet to provide virtual field trips increases the amount of information students receive during the experience.
  • Virtual field trips cover a wider range of topics because they aim to meet learning standards in different states.
  • Virtual field trips eliminate the problem of worrying about student safety almost completely.


  • Virtual field trips can only engage students' senses of sight and hearing. Traditional field trips allow students to actively participate in their learning experience by providing opportunities for them to see, hear, smell and sometimes touch or taste the things around them.


1. Explore a virtual field trip to an animal shelter. 2. Complete a google form, listing the pros and cons of the virtual field trip.

Pros & Cons Google Form

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