Unit 2: Student Choice, a Tool for Better Lesson Plans


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Unit 2: Student Choice, a Tool for Better Lesson Plans


Credit: Inservice ASCD

In this unit, we will explore the importance of giving students choice. Free choice can be defined as any time where students are able to express their work through their choosing, or are allowed to pick an activity free from bias. Having a “menu of choices” or a list of options for students to pick from is okay, and is still considered free choice. Students must know that they will not be penalized in any way by picking their desired choice, which includes being “penalized” by social ostracization, time mismanagement (the activity they want to do will take too long for the time allotted), or teacher disapproval. Before beginning the next 2 lessons, spend some time with your classroom schedule. Mark down how many times in a day your students have free choice. Keep that number in mind as the unit progresses.

Yet again, there will be a journal for this unit. Please add this file to your Google Drive by clicking "File" and "Make a Copy." This will allow you to change headings, add in your own information, and copy and paste links for future reference in a way that will not affect the work of others.

Objective: After gathering information on student choice and draft-writing projects, participants will create a creative drafting project in which they include world-building elements and student choice and earn an 8/10 on the corresponding rubric.


LESSON 1: Benefits of Student Choice
Topic: Examples of studies where choice in creative writing benefited students
LESSON 2: “World-Building” and Choice
Topic: How to give students choice through world-building

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