LESSON 1: Benefits of Student Choice


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Lesson 1: Benefits of Student Choice

Topic: Examples of studies where choice in creative writing benefited students

Objective: To gain prerequisite knowledge on choice and its benefits in the classroom, work through 2 projects to document ways that creative writing aids student choice in your journal.

Project 1

During this first project, we will look at the basic definition of student choice and then synthesize it with what we already know about creative writing in the second project. You already learned about how student engagement makes a world of difference in Unit 1 Lessons 1 and 2. Starting on page 13 in “Impact of Student Choice and Personalized Learning” by Hanover Research read through the various studies in which student choice made an impact on learning in a multitude of classes.

After reading this, complete the first activity in your journal that refers to Figure 2.4 on page 18 of the text.

Project 2

In Unit 1 during Lesson 3 you learned about the basic elements of world-building and creative writing. Notice how creative writing is made out of student choice, and how that choice is naturally engaging by reviewing your Unit 1 journal. Now, create a venn diagram about how the two intersect in your Unit 2 journal . On the left, list some elements of world-building. On the right, list some elements of student choice. In the middle, write about how the two are similar. What choices do writers make, or how can world-building influence choice? If you’re stuck, peruse the next three articles and video for some help.

A Video to Watch:
Articles to Read:
Researched and Reviewed Article About Writing Practice for Students by Reading Rockets

Article by author of educational texts, Heather Wolpert-Gawron

Peer blog article about strategies that work from a literacy specialist

When you are done creating your venn diagram, fill out this Google Form assessment with your answers for feedback. The course instructor will reply back to you in 2-3 days. (1pt each, following this rubric)

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