Unit 2: SMART Board and SMART Board Compatible Software


Unit Objectives:


At the end of this unit students will be able to complete the following tasks:

    • Identify the tools available in SMART Board software
    • Navigate SMART Board software

The Problem:

As discussed in the previous unit, one of the main aspects of utilizing a SMART board for the classroom is utilizing SMART board software to design and present interactive activities for your students. The problem lies with how the software is utilized and the range of software on the market. With your SMART board, you will find the basic SMART board design software. This software allows you to design presentations and interactive activities for your students. What are the basics of SMART Board software and how to navigate the software is at the base of designing engaging activities for the classroom.

What You Need to Know:

The SMART board software we will be examining is entitles SMART Notebook. This software can be downloaded at the following link: SMART Board Notebook Software Download If you have a key, you can enter it to gain access to the full software. If not, there is a trial version that will allow us to use the software on a limited basis. For the purposes of our unit, we are just looking to become familiar with the software and be able to identify and navigate the tools.

SMART Notebook Definitions:

  • Tool Bar:Top of the page - Provides shortcuts to commonly used actions, tools, and properties
  • Side Tabs:Left of the page - Houses tools such as page sorter which allows you to rearrange created pages to your liking
  • SMART Gallery: Right of the page - Allows you to access clip art, multimedia, and different types of backgrounds and themes. The attachment tab in the SMART Gallery allows you to attach files such as PDFs and Word Documents to your presentation. The properties tab adds style to your presentation. The add ons tab allows you to create interactive games.
  • SMART Exchange: Located in the toolbar - This is a resource that allows you to browse already designed lessons that are built through the SMART Notebook software. You can search by key word and find what you are looking for or what you can adjust to meet your needs. I encourage you to explore the SMART Exchange and play with these lessons to see how they work.


Seeing it in Action

Seeing the software in action can help you to better understand how to navigate the software and become more familiar with the orientation of the tools available. Click the link below to the SMART Notebook training video to learn about the following aspects of SMART Notebook:

  • Access SMART Exchange
  • Review the menu bar, tool bar and tabs on the SMART Notebook
  • Identify lesson creation techniques that support learning outcomes
  • Create and manipulate text and images in SMART Notebook
  • Write, save and highlight notes
  • Save a SMART Notebook file

Introduction to SMART Notebook Part I: Software Basics

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In the next section you will be taking a short survey to assess your knowledge of SMART board software and their functions so pay attention!

Survey Time

Click the link to take the survey to see how much you know. Answer the questions about SMART Notebook and this Unit. There is no timer so take your time. You may review the Unit and the video at any time during the survey.


SMART Notebook Survey

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