Unit 3: Inserting Media into SMART Board Presentations


Unit Objectives:


At the end of this unit students will be able to complete the following tasks:

  • Design activities that center around the SMART Board and utilize SMART Board software
  • Integrate SMART Board usage into their classroom practice

The Problem:

Technology. It has bettered our environment and educational landscape by providing us with numerous ways of engaging and educating our students. What it also has done is help our students become less enthralled with our basic subjects. How do we keep them interested in a lesson that bears no intrinsic value for them? How does an educator draw that student in who is a visual or auditory learner? The use of media in SMART board presentations can be that tool that engages students on a visual and auditory level so as to "catch" that student in a net of learning. One piece of software that is useful and easy to use with the SMART board is Microsoft Powerpoint. With a SMART board and the proper intergration of media, one can use the technology to keep students engaged and learning.

What You Need to Know:

For this unit we will be working with Microsoft PowerPoint, which is a piece of software that allows the user to create presentations that include a multi-media component. These pieces of media can be pictures, audio, or video and can be seamlessly integrated into the presentation with ease. This brings a WOW factor to the presentation and allows the lessons to move at a quicker pace.


Basic Rules of Embedding Media into a PowerPoint Presentations:

Keep everything in one place - all media files need to be located in the same folder as your presentation. If you move the files after creating the presentation, the software will not be able to locate the file.

Avoid Compatibility Problems - some types of media cannot be integrated into Power Point lessons. Be sure that the media you are using works with the software. If not, you might have to convert your media.

Inserting Media into PowerPoint the Correct Way - follow the proper procedure for inserting media. By not following the proper steps, you risk a malfunction in the presentation.

A More In Depth Look:

Click this link to download a more in depth look at how to integrate media into your PowerPoint presentation. Tips for Including Media in Your PowerPoint Presentation

Click this link to view a YouTube video that explains how to insert media into your PowerPoint presentation. How to Insert Media into PowerPoint Slides

Examples of PowerPoints that Utilize Media:


One way to see how to integrate these forms of media into your presentations is to get your hands on a file that utilizes visual and audio files. Click the link below to access my Google Drive folder. In this folder you will find three files.

  • Of Mice and Men PowerPoint 1 utilizes many visual images to help the student envision the life of John Steibeck
  • Of Mice and Men PowerPoint 2 utilizes video to help the students understand how emerging characters begin to shape the drama

Google Drive Folder: PowerPoint Presentations that Utilize Media

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In the next section you will be taking a short quiz to test your knowledge of integrating media into a PowerPoint Presentation so pay attention!

Quiz Time

Click the link to take the quiz to see how much you know. Select the answer that goes with the statement. There is a ten minute timer so watch the clock and do your best.


Inserting Media into a PowerPoint Presenation?

On to The Final Project

Once you have finished familiarizing yourself with Unit 3 and the inserting media into a PowerPoint presentation for the SMART board, click the link below and move on to the final project for the Mini Course.

SMART Board Technology Final Project

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