Unit 2: How can I meet the standards through digital writing projects?


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Unit Intro

In Unit 2, we will take a deep dive into the standards for writing, media and presentation, technology, and 21st century learners. The aim of this unit is to inspire you to take risks in revamping your more traditional writing assignments to meet a range of standards related to new media literacy.

In Lesson 1, you will review the Common Core anchor standards for narrative, information, and argument writing. You will explore some examples of digital writing, considering how they meet the standards and how traditional forms of narrative, information, and argument texts can become more innovative hybrid forms of digital writing.

In Lesson 2, we'll add speaking, presentation, media, and research skills into the mix. You'll investigate how these skills can be integrated into digital writing projects to increase engagement, foster creativity, and amplify your students' voices.

In Lesson 3, we'll look at standards focused on media literacy and 21st century learners. You'll come to appreciate how digital writing projects cultivate 21st century skills like problem-solving, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.

In Lesson 4, you will revisit your Project Planning Template in order to identify standards you will address in your culminating unit plan. You will challenge yourself to consider hybrid forms, multimedia, and 21st century skills.

Unit Objective

Participants will review standards for writing, media, presentation, and 21st century learners. They will investigate how various forms of digital writing align with these standards.

Unit Outline

Lesson 2.1: How can digital writing support national writing standards?

Participants will...

  • identify digital genres that align with CCLS standards for narrative, information, and argument writing.

Lesson 2.2: How can digital writing support standards for collaboration, presentation, research, and media?

Participants will...

  • recognize how digital writing craft aligns with CCLS standards for multimedia, research, presentation, and speaking skills.

Lesson 2.3: How can digital writing support standards for 21st century learners?

Participants will...

  • identify the correlations between 21st century skills and digital writing.

Lesson 2.4: How will you develop your project idea through consideration of a range of standards?

Participants will...

  • identify standards their unit or project plan will address, including media and 21st century skills.
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