Unit 2: Determining Strategies


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Performance Objectives

  • The participants will analyze different strategies used to help their students improve their mathematical word problem solving skills.


Each of the following articles and videos depicts different strategies for helping students solve mathematical word problems. After all the articles and watching all the videos, you will:

1. Discuss with Classmates

Discuss with classmates about:

  • the advantages of these strategies
  • what strategies you liked/disliked and why
  • the strategies that you can see yourself using in your own classrooms

Steps to Follow

  1. Post your discussion post in the following link: Article/Video Discussion
  2. To post your ideas, click the "edit" tab on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Title your post with your name, in order to do this there must be two equal signs (==) surrounding your name, and then you may begin to write your list.
  4. To respond to a peer's response, follow step #2 and below the post to which you wish to respond you may being typing.
  5. Title ALL response posts with your name, in order to do this there must be THREE equal signs (===) surrounding your name.
  • Please notice a response post requires three equal signs, where as your original posts only require two.


2. Create a Powerpoint Presentation

Create a Powerpoint presentation that portrays the strategies learned in each article and video. Your captivating presentation must have a title page, at least two slides per article/video, a reference page, and pictures. You may also add animations if you wish to do so.

Email me this assignment at krsheehan@albany.edu.


Video #1 Video #2 Video #3 Video #4


Article #1 Article #2 Article #3 Article #4




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Photos 1. Photo 1 2. Photo 2

Additional Related References

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