Strategies for Helping Students Solve Mathematical Word Problems


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The purpose of this topic is for participants to learn various strategies in order to help their students solve word problems in mathematics. Each unit will cover a different strategy that can be used in the participants' classroom. The units are designed to be engaging and learner-cetntered. Units will begin with an overview of the strategy that will be discussed, as well as target learning outcomes that will be met by the end of the unit. An essential part of each unit will be discussing scientific research based articles. Participants will be required to discuss ideals, concepts, practices, and strategies that they gained from the readings. Upon completion of the units, participants will examine which strategy they like and try at least one of these practices in their own classrooms. They will then have the opportunity to discuss with their peers about the experience and reflect upon the success of the strategy, future uses of it, and improvements that could be made. Upon completion of the course, participants will complete an online questionaire for the purposes of collecting data on the quality and effectiveness of this mini-course in order to make improvements and revisions to the course in the future.

Comments About This Course

This course consists of three units. The first will allow you to analyze and help you to recognize difficulties your students may have when solving mathematical word problems. The second focuses on strategies for you to use to help your students during the process of solving these types of problems. The last will represent how you incorporate these strategies in a classroom setting.

During this course you will:

  • Read various educational articles
  • Watch videos related to student difficulties and/or strategies
  • Discuss pertinent ideas with your classmates
  • Write short summaries of ideals learned
  • Create a formal lesson plan incorporating the concepts learned in this course

To get the most out of this course you must:

  • Read and view all required materials
  • Actively engage in discussions
  • Apply what you are learning in a meaningful way by potentially using it in your own classroom

End of Course Objectives

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Learners will be able to:

  • Identify challenges and/or misconceptions that students may face when solving a word problem
  • Identify useful and assistive strategies to help students solve mathematical word problems
  • Create a schema to help students solve word problems
  • Apply the skills when modeling the problem solving process
  • Integrate the usage of these strategies in classroom practices


Unit 1: Understanding of Student Difficulties

Unit 2: Determining Strategies

Unit 3: Formal Lesson Plan

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