Unit 2:How can someone be mindful?


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Unit 1:What is mindfulness?

Unit 2:How can someone be mindful?

Unit 3: What are age appropriate mindfulness activities for students k-12?

An Overview of this Unit

By completing this unit you will meet the following objectives:

2.1 Introduce yourself to mindfulness practices that YOU can benefit from

2.2 Develop and document practices of your own

Try a Mindfulness Practice (2.1)

Before reading about mindfulness practices try practicing mindfulness for yourself. Follow along with this body scan mindfulness exercise.

Learning ways to be Mindful (2.1)

source: https://foundrybc.ca/articles/different-ways-mindful/

There are a lot of ways to be mindful. Most people associate mindfulness with meditation, but meditation is only ONE way to cultivate mindful living practices. You are learning awareness of all aspects of the present moment without judgement, which is mindfulness. Read the link to the following article which discusses 22 ways to be mindful and practice mindfulness.

Link to Article: 22 Mindfulness Exercises

After reading the article please put 5 mindfulness activities that you would be willing to try on this google doc. Feel free to search other mindful practices that you could try.

Develop and document mindfulness practice (2.2)

1. From your list of 5 mindfulness activities consider a few to try practicing regularly

2. You will record your mindfulness exercises on the chart here (make sure to make a copy for yourself or you are also able to create one of your own )

3. After a week of practice you will submit your chart, and answer the following questions on our class discussion board, which will be on Padlet. After you post respond to two other classmates posts. The link for Padlet is found below.

       -Did you find that mindfulness helped you? Why or why not?
       -What did you like about mindfulness? What did you not like about it?
       -Would you use it in your classroom at this time, why?

Link to Classroom Discussion Board

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