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After you complete the mini-course if you are interested in additional mindfulness resources this is the place to be:

Mindfulness for you

The Little Book of Mindfulness: 10 minutes a day to less stress, more peace By Patricia Collard A book of simple 10 minute mindful practices that fit into your everyday life. It is a quick, easy read for people are trying to start being more mindful.

Find this book at:

10 Mindful Exercises of How to be Present

Renee Amberg has several YouTubes of how to live mindfully. I like the one I have attached as it offers 10 ways to be mindful during everyday activities such as driving to work or eating.

Mindfulness for the class

Mindful Games (a.k.a the best and easiest guide to mindfulness in the classroom)

If you are still not feeling confident about mindfulness in your classroom, I promise this resource will help. The activities are fun for students and offer no set up or minimal set up for each activity. There are 55 mindfulness activities and they are for all ages k-12.

Link to buy: