Unit 2-For Students: Final Assessment


Unit 2- Final Assessment

  • As a group, you’ll need to use what you’ve learned thus far about independent research, conflict resolution, and communication in order to develop a researched list of what you feel are the top ten benefits for working in a group.

Remember!! As a group, you’ll want to establish your purpose and goals. Distribute individual or pair tasks based on strengths. Use your independent research skills in order to contribute effectively to your group members, and finally communicate clearly to Talk: combine, organize, and share your findings here.

  • As a final reflection, consider what you’ve learned about yourself by working as a part of a group. How have you benefitted from working in a group? What do you hope to continue to improve about yourself as learner? and as a group member? Write this reflection here Talk: Unit Reflections
  • Summarize your knowledge on the Essential Understanding Guide- Document #3

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