Unit 3: For Students--The Value of Utilizing Student-Centered Learning


Note to teachers: You will need to use this in conjunction with your curriculum. You have the option of making this unit span over an extended period of time, or over a single class period. When choosing a topic for each of the small groups (of 2-4 individuals), you’ll want to start small. You have the choice of providing them with topics, providing them with a list to choose from, or allowing them to choose their own topics. It is recommended that for the initial use of this unit, it may be beneficial to at least provide them with a list of topics. You should also begin by choosing narrow topics that will only take 5-10 minutes to teach, such as a specific type of problem in math or chemistry. Students should be learning to deliver information beyond standing in front of the room and explaining. You are their guide as they deepen their understanding and prepare their mini-lesson.

Did you know that you could have an even deeper understanding beyond using your independent and group work skills?! It is possible!!!

Unit Objective

By the end of this final unit, you’ll be choosing to use all of the student-centered learning skills in order to promote the success of this educational model.

  • Consider the essential understandings (document 3) for this unit and brainstorm your initial responses.

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