Unit 1: Using a Flipped Classroom Approach Quiz Answers


Which statement best defines a flipped classroom?
Correct! ---- A. A pre-class lesson covers the basic concepts as homework, students come to class to practice and apply concepts
Incorrect ---- B. Video lectures are utilized to cover more topics
Incorrect ---- C. Students are responsible for teaching some of the concepts instead of the teacher
Incorrect ---- D. Assessments measure prior knowledge rather than new concepts

The flipped classroom focuses on the student reviewing the basic material before class, in order to allow for more active learning and refining of understanding during class. Although video lectures are often used, class time should be restructured for activities rather than additional lecture time. Group learning and pre tests may be used in combination with flipped classroom, but are not central to this approach.

Which of the following is the most beneficial characteristic of the flipped classroom method?
Incorrect ---- A. Encourages self paced learning
Correct! ---- B. Teachers can monitor and provide feedback when students are practicing concepts
Incorrect ---- C. Absent students will have access to recorded lectures
Incorrect ---- D. Video lectures are more engaging than traditional lectures

All of the options are considered to be benefits of flipped classroom. Although, the ability for the teacher to provide valuable feedback and correct misconceptions as the students practice the concepts has the greatest impact on effective learning.

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