Unit 1: Short and Extended Responses


Getting Started

Welcome to Written Text Response! Let's make sure we know what the difference between a short response and an extended response before we start learning any tips to improve our writing.

Who is this Mini-Course For?

Grade 3-5 teachers in New York State are constantly working towards the dreaded state tests at the end of the year. This mini-course was designed for elementary teachers to help prepare their students for the tests. If we can better understand how these questions are scored and what the expectations are for students, than we can help prepare our students and give them tools to be successful.

Why is this even important?

Grade 3-5 students notoriously struggle in writing on NYS ELA tests. Written response to readings make up a major part of a students score and can easily be the deciding factor between passing or failing a state exam. There are two different types of text responses, which are short and extended responses. We will later dive into the differences between the two.

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