Unit 1: Inquiry


Learner Outcome: Learners will be able to identify and define the meaning of inquiry-based learning (Verbal Skill).

Learner Objective: Given both print and non-print resources, students will be able to conduct research to discover the instructional topic of inquiry-based learning.

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What is Inquiry Based Learning?


Inquiry, in general, can be defined as "a request for information", "an official effort to collect and examine information", and "the act of asking questions in order to gather or collect information" (Merriam-Webster). So, what is inquiry-based learning? The instructional approach is supported by lengthy research, and is being used all over the world. Inquiry-based learning is an approach which focuses on the role of the student in a given classroom. Rather than learning through the typical lectures and worksheets, inquiry-based learning has students placed in charge of their own learning. This means that students learn by "doing", through interactive, hands-on learning experiences which also include student interests and real-world meaning.

Watch the following video to further discover what inquiry-based learning is.


Task:Your job is this. Imagine you are describing inquiry-based learning to someone who has never heard of it before. How would you describe inquiry-based learning, what it looks like, and why a teacher might use such an approach. Find at least two sources to support your response.

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Unit 2: Discovering

Unit 3: Implementing

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