Unit 1-For Students: Lesson 1



Does this person remind you of anyone? Have you ever spent hours in a library or with a textbook looking for relevant information?

What if you found out there is a way to get research completed that also saves you time?

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

1. Discriminate differences between effective and ineffective strategies for independent researching and communication

2. Discriminate between quality and inadequate sources of information

3. Identify important information within sources

4. Demonstrate the use of metacognition

Lesson 1- How do I research and read efficiently?

In your student guide, list off the ways that you look for and determine appropriate sources to use for research!

In order to become more time efficient, the most important preliminary skill for research is to be able to find sources of information that are appropriate and trustworthy.

Lesson 1: Activity 1- Researching

Lesson 1: Activity 2- Source Reliability

Lesson 1: Activity 3- Establishing a Purpose

  • To reflect on your learning, write a response that incorporates the ideas from this lesson (looking for sources, testing reliability, establishing purpose, finding main ideas and supporting details) and how it’s going to help you as an independent learner.
talk: Independent Student Research Reflection

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