Lesson 1: Activity 3- Establishing a Purpose

  • So you’ve found your source, and know how to test its reliability. Now, it’s time to speed up your reading. In order to focus your reading and note-taking, you should establish a purpose' as well as pick out main ideas and supporting details.

The first question you want to ask yourself prior to your reading is: 'Why am I reading this? You should have a focus for reading this material. This can be established by either you or your teacher. In order to effectively establish this reasoning, it may be necessary to skim or pre-read. These are also the steps used to find main ideas and important supporting details!

1.) Turn headings and subheadings into questions and read the material to find the answers to these questions. The answers will provide you with the main idea!

2.) The first or last sentence of a paragraph usually contains the main idea

3.) If there aren’t any headings or subheadings… Focus on the questions:

  • Whom or what is the author writing about?
  • What is it that the author wants you to know about the who or the what?

Let’s practice! Practice reading skills

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