UNIT2-How to edit a wikis page


Unit2—How to edit a wikis page

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You may quite familiar with use wikispedia to research some information for academic study or work. But as a writing class teacher, you need to know how to edit wikis page for your class, even design the page for your students to review the contents of the class.

Objectives for this unit

In this unit, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of wikis in the writing class
  • Generate a new wikis page and design the page
  • Choose the text formatting markup quotes

The Importance of Wikis in Writing Class

In traditional class, students are sit and listen to teacher's class in the classroom. But teachers should use the technology to meet students' need of modern class in which the teaching and the imparting of the knowledge will not limit in the classroom. When applied in the writing class, wikis could help students to post their work and review their peers' work nearly at the same time. Students can learn from peers' work even before they pick up the pen. The wikis can create an environment in which students learn from each other. Additionally, teachers could post the content of the class in advance so that students can get the general idea about the class and have some thinking about it. Students can click the links or add the helpful links on the wikis page of the class for the better understanding of the class. Students also can post their questions or answer peers' question only if they have access of Internet. In the case, the study of writing would not be limited in time and space.


  • Showing learners videos about how to edit a wikis page

There are some useful tutorial videos about editing knowledge of wikis, please click the links as followed:

  • Letting learners to do some practice about edition so that they can be familiar the functions of markup quotes


In this unit, we get the basic knowledge of editing the wikis page and it is also the base for apply the wikis for the writing class. So please discuss these questions: Have you used wikis before?

Do you have any experience about wikis to share? Please post your ideas about these questions in Discussion Area

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